Maintenance Aranda has a masonry service with highly qualified personnel to undertake all kinds of reforms. With extensive experience in the sector, we do all kinds of works and reforms in general, commercial and industrial.

Clay bricks, cement mortar blocks, stones and the like of the same or similar origin to those already mentioned: for masonry (also known simply as masonry) stone, such as materials are mainly used.

The person performing masonry work is known mason. Mason, for its work, used as tools a container in which prepares the mortar mix, one in which cure bricks in order to use them waterlogged, flat wood, a set of teachers, stringline and nails.

There are three types of masonry, whose use is determined by the fate of the building and calculation projects and respective architecture. These types are: single masonry, reinforced masonry and reinforced masonry.

We adapt to the needs of each client, always offering advice and the most suitable materials for each reform.

General reforms
fixed and removable plaster
Tiling and paving