We have a stock of all necessary materials to meet any emergency immediately, 365 days a year. Do not hesitate: call us and be amazed at our management and professionalism in the work.

Desatascos and inspection of pipelines with more than 6 models of television cameras depending on type of installation or driving.

We have machinery unblocking water pressure of more than 200 bar for sites impossible access to trucks or vehicles.

Ideal for unblocking drains, cleaning and maintenance in places where vehicles enter such as garages and basements.

Detection of hidden manholes, pits etc …

We all kind of facilities with art materials.

Replacing rush of water, downspouts, general drains …

Continuous solutions to avoid traffic jams and odors in your home or community.

Firefighting equipment.

Maintenances: hotel facilities, cleaning manholes and drains Desatascos.

Troubleshooting by inspection of pipes and smoke pipes, with television cameras for all types of facilities.