Swimming pools

Rehabilitation and Waterproofing Pools in Alicante. We are specialists in detecting and repairing problems with your pool. Water leak detection, repair and maintenance.

Do you have a water leak in your pool and you want to find? Aranda Maintenance is one of the few companies specialized in detecting, sealing, fix cracks and leaks under water (on all surfaces).

In addition, we are also experts in gresites replace, fix tiles, replacing sinks, changing light bulbs, sealing esquímers, crosscurrents, fixing steps, etc. Alicante at any point without you having to empty your pool.

We specialize in locating water leaks in swimming pools.
We perform leak tests on your glass of pool or facilities to diagnose the problem, if you notice that the water level low.
We complete facilities and treatment systems.
We perform any repairs without emptying water: key change background or repair pipes skimmers sweeper drives.
completely restore your pool.
We give solutions to seal the glass of your pool. With 10 year warranty.
Gresite coating. Change coronation stone in a piece in performing it work.
Waterproofing glass pool with next-generation system. Economic, fast and with 10 year warranty.
Lining of your pool, personalized like a tailored suit.
Repair and treatment for cracks in the glass of the pool.
General repairs, motors, filters, replacing sand (flint).
Cleaning stones coronation in pisicinas, desincustración paint, treatment and removal of oxides.
Cleaning the glass of the pool and emptying machines meetings gresite by high water pressure of more than 200 bars, and are ready for better penetration gluing together and thus have more grip and durability cement.
Gluing together with special cements for durability.