Underwater work

We perform underwater work in Pools and Reservoirs in Alicante. Detect and repair leaks in your pool without emptying, thus saving water and repair time.

We specialize in Water Leak Detection, Restoration and Repair gresite your pool.

Our specialists in underwater construction or renovation work act in compliance with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Repair cracks in the concrete pool or reservoir.
Loose tile placement whatever the size of the area to be treated and gluing of the treated area.
Gluing together with special white cement drying under water (only for areas discussed above replacement gresite)
Subcuático drill holes with stainless fixing elements such as grids sinks, railings, stairs corners for work (to avoid cuts in the feet) …
Installation tamponade replacement stopcock or facilities.
Do not empty your pool, perform repair work / Facilities underwater …… Call us now and be amazed.