Water leaks

Water Leak detect without works. We provide professional service TROUBLE Water Leak for homes, swimming pools, gardens, businesses and communities of owners.

Our professionals in the detection and repair of leaks Water uses the most advanced technology on the market. In addition to locating the leak without works, we analyze the causes to solve the problem.

We have great experience to be a service requested by our customers daily.

We locate leaks in any type of installation: gardens, swimming pools, water connections, fire network, etc. We specialize in locating water leaks in Alicante. We have the latest technology in equipment of all kinds to perform any installation.

If you do not locate the leak no charge! (100% guaranteed)

For example, in an installation in which the counter is 600 meters from the stopcock housing location we guarantee the exact point of the leak. We can carry out these detections, as we employ the latest in technology for locating and repairing leaks.